About Renée Ivy

Renee Ivy

Renee and Labradors

Renée has 28-plus years experience in training and breeding dogs. More recently, she has expanded into rehabilitating and training dogs damaged by abuse, neglect and mishandling. She built upon an education foundation that focused on troubled children (much of which applies to “problem” dogs); added experience gained in various fields of work with dogs, and continues to develop her knowledge and skills through continuing learning.

Educational Background

Courses and seminars attended include: Job Michael Evans (author /trainer), Ian Dunbar DVM & animal behaviorist, David Hammond DVM, Jean Dodd DVM, Chris Zink DVM PhD, Tom & Kay Lams & George Alston (all breed dog and handling trainers), Jerry Patopea (retriever field trial professional), Jim Dobbs (formerly of Tri-Tronics), Andy Attar and Jim Van Engan (retriever field trial professionals), Kathy Sdao & Michele Pouliot (clicker training and free style workshop), informal lectures by Barclay Slocum DVM, Ray Calkins DVM, and Grant Mauer DVM DACVO, various classes on dog training, genetic predispositions, nutrition, diseases, flea control and heartworm.

  • Workshops and hands-on training include: three weeks of workshops with Mike Lardy (retriever field trial professional, trainer of more than 50 field champions and 5 national champions) one week shadowing Andy Attar and Paul Sletton. (Retriever field trial professionals)
  • Cross-species training includes: numerous horse training demonstrations and workshops, one day shadowing a dolphin trainer at the Dolphin Research Center in Marathon, Florida.
  • Foundational employment experience includes nine years in a veterinary hospital, and nutritional advisor for Hill’s.
  • Formal education includes 120 college credit hours of psychology and sociology covering treatment and rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents, counseling techniques, and working with emotionally and socially maladjusted children.