Hunting Training and Conditioning

Retriever Hunting School

For approved retrievers we offer a gun dog program. Each dog is evaluated and we develop a program that is geared for the owners own hunting needs. Obedience is the foundation.

Obesity Problems and/or Conditioning

Is your dog out of shape and/or too fat? We can help with our TLC program. Each dog is assessed and the individual needs addressed. We will diet and exercise the dog until it is manageable for the owner to continue. We try to involve the client and try to teach them why diet and exercise is SO important for a quality life for their friend.

Pre-Hunting and Conditioning Camp

Camp is during the month of September. Camp consists of diet, exercise, and brushing up on existent training skills. We will work on your specific needs as a hunter and physically condition your dog for the upcoming season.

Hunting Retriever Workshops

In the spring we offer hunting retriever workshops for the hunter that wants to train his or her own dog. These workshops are geared for the owner to understand how to train their dogs and how to put a solid foundation on the dog. Workshops can be with a dog or audit only. Limited spaces available. (Email for info.)

Gun River has trained numerous hunt test dogs, and titled them in the Junior, Senior and Master categories. We have also run retriever field trials and have a reserve Jam, a Jam in the Qualifying and a Derby WIN! We have trained dogs to CD’s and one to a CDX title in obedience.

Labrador Retriever Breeding

Stud service is offered to approved bitches.

In addition to training we are responsible Labrador Retriever breeders, committed to breeding quality not quantity. Our pups are available to select owners. All of our breeding stock is cleared by O.F.A. and C.E.R.F. Our breedings include pedigrees of field trial champions, titled hunting dogs, titled obedience dogs and show champions. It is our commitment to breed dogs that are good examples of the Labrador Retriever standard. This means that our goal is to breed classic, good looking, nice working, stylish retrievers with excellent dispositions and high degrees of trainability. We want a dog that is sound and able to stand up to the tests in the field and be a friend and livable companion at home.

Hunting Dog Training Pond

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