Private and Group Dog Training Classes

Puppy Parenting Classes

The new puppy owner is given instructions on beginning puppy training, as well as caring for and socializing a pup. Natural dog behavior is fully discussed and we try to help the owner avoid the negative side of dog ownership. Classes are done individually.

Puppy Camp

Approved pups of all breeds, 6 months old up to 11 months of age are enrolled into camp for 1 month and stay here during that time. A program is designed for each pup based on his or her age and maturity. Some of the things taught here, in addition to basic obedience, are crate training, house training (if needed) and socialization with people, other dogs, and cats. The pup will be familiar with having their nails trimmed, ears cleaned, and teeth examined.

Private Consultations with Families and Their Dog

We begin by analyzing the dog’s behavior and problems that the owner is having. We discuss and take into consideration the breed, genetic influences, diet, and veterinary history; as well as normal canine behavior. A plan is then developed in order that the owners’ goals may be achieved.

Private classes for Dog and Owner

These classes are for people that choose to train their dog themselves and need assistance. Our job here is to train the owner. In addition to basic obedience, we will also assist with hunting training for Retriever breeds.

Rehabilitation of Damaged Dogs or Dogs with Particular Problems.

Contact Renee’ to discuss your dog and specifics.

Dog School

For approved dogs 1 year of age and older, we have a 6 week obedience program where the dog resides here on our grounds. Included in this program, we address special needs for the owner as well as thorough handling of the dog. This means that the dog will allow nails to be trimmed, ears cleaned, and teeth examined. The owner is encouraged to come here and work with us extensively during the last week or two. Our goal here is that when the dog leaves here with their owner, it leaves with a new attitude and a new respect for the owner.

Puppy Labrador Retriever

Dog and Family

Group Dog Training Classes