Gun River Dog Training


Gun River was founded by Renee’ Ivy and is one of Oregon’s highly recommended resources for training family dogs.

Renee’ Ivy has over 30 years experience training and breeding dogs. She has also spent several years rehabilitating and training dogs who are suffering abuse, neglect and mistreatment.

Renee’ focuses on obedience training in her home. In addition, Renee’ is doing consults and lessons done at her home or at yours. Renee’ will gladly come to your home within 50 miles of Salem. Consults and lessons are given regarding problem behaviors, puppy training and obedience. Renee’ has found that many dogs are more comfortable in their own environment.

Her training is built on an educational background that specializes in troubled youth which also applies to young or troubled dogs. Renee’ is a fantastic communicator and has a strong intuition that allows her to focus on the most important elements of your dog’s behavior and get the best and lasting results in a timely manner.